Warum Turkei

   We complete our planning and inform you about your treatment before you come to our clinic, no matter where you are, regardless of the country you are coming from. How long will it take, what should I expect, will it hurt? How much will it cost me? I don't speak Turkish, I'm not familiar with Turkey, where can I stay, what are the sights to see during my treatment? We answer all such questions and finalize the plan before you arrive. 

  What are the steps? First, you tell us the treatment you wish to receive and send us a 2D (panoramic) dental x-ray via WhatsApp or the appointment form at the bottom right of the page. If you only wish to get a Hollywood smile (front teeth only), you may just send a photo of your front teeth. Our specialist dentists examine your x-rays and photos, and we return to you with the information regarding your treatment process.

10 to 14 days are usually enough for implant treatments and six days will suffice for the cosmetic treatment of the front teeth. Once you make your decision, you will be able to learn the cost of the treatment you wish to get.

 We meet and escort you upon your landing at the airport. We plan your hotel accommodation and your sightseeing itinerary to suit your taste. You are escorted by an interpreter who understands your language as well as your concerns and worries. We plan all the details to suit you.

Please reach us via WhatsApp or the appointment form for detailed information regarding the whole process and your travel.